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Hot Coffee

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Title: Drama Special Hot Coffee / Amazing Coffee / Kkeutnaejuneun Coffee

Genre: Romance
Director: Lee Jae Sang
Screenwriter: Lee Seon Young
Broadcast network: KBS2 , Saturday 23:15
Broadcast period: 2010-May-29


Oh Jong is a single mother of three children with no particular skills or education, but her
alent for brewing coffee, bright personality and willingness to listen makes her a popular
orker at Ji Suk’s coffee shop. Choi Chang, bitter with frustration with his work and life
espite being a successful barista, finds himself frequenting the shop and opening up to Oh
ong’s warmth, discovering a love as exciting and flavoured as the coffee she serves.

Main Cast

Yoon Hae Young as Oh Jong
Jo Yeon Woo as Choi Chang
Moon Hee Kyung as Ji Suk
Lee Han Na as Oh Jong’s daughter

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