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Because I am a Fool - Jung Yong Hwa

created by : Rafisaaa di 20.30

nan pa bo ra so gu ron ga bwa
a pu ge he do gwen chan hun ga bwa
mot nan sa rang i ra no lyo de do
o jol su om nun pa bo ra so

ne ga won he jal he jwot don gol
gu gom a nu ro heng bok het don gol
han bo ni ra do u so ju myon
gu mi so ro heng bok he

gu nyo ga sa rang han sa ram op get da ji
i rok e gu nyo gyo te so i sul pu nya
jul su i so heng bok ha sa rang i ra
a mu got do ba ra ji an a
on je dun so ne mi nyon da hul gu go se
on je dun bu lo ju myon du lil gu go se
pyon ham ob shi gu go se i so jul ge
gu nyo sa rang ha ni ka
nan pa bo ra so

=====English Translation=====

It must be because I am a fool
It must be okay even if it hurts me
Even if you tease me that it's a foolish love
Because I'm such a helpless fool

My wanting to be good to her
Is enough to make me happy
Even if she smiles at me once
I'm happy with that smile

Until the person she loves comes along
I'm just going to stay by her side like this
It's a love that makes me happy just give
So I won't wish for anything more
In a place where she can always reach me if she holds out her hand
In a place where I can always hear her if she calls out to me
I will stay there without any change
Because I love her
Because I am a fool

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