Senin, 23 Agustus 2010

[Fancams+Pics] SHINee at SM Town Concert

created by : Rafisaaa di 00.16
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-Onew attacking Luna with Bubble Gun
-Onew ft. Ryeowook- The Name I Loved
-Onew Ring Ding Dong/Quasimodo Cut
-Onew’s voice Crack (Quasimodo)
-Onew & Taemin playing Balloons
-Onew & Taemin Ending

-Taemin Up & Down
-Taemin Solo Dance
-Taemin running around/being cute
-Taemin & Minho (2min moment)

-Jjong playing with Camera
-Jjong The Way You Are Cut
-Jjong attacked by water
-Jjong Quasimodo Full
-Jjong Sea of Love Cut

-Key & Minho Rapping
-Key & BoA Did it for Love

-Minho running
-Minho with BoA

-SHINee Playing
-SHINee Stand By Me
-SHINee Chu~
-Shinee Getdown + Juliette
-Concert Ending

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